Training Pastors/Leaders

We lead & train Community Pastors/Leaders in:
  • Creating a new awareness & enhanced Biblical World View:
    • Sin patterns
    • God’s Presence daily
    • God’s power in and through them
    • Intimate relationship with Him
    • Complete, daily Kingdom Living and what it means
  • Revival: being personally Saturated with the Presence of God
    • experiencing radical transformation
  • Sharing their transformation: giving testimony of how God is radically moving in their lives
  • Becoming Masters of the God-given Core Principles
    • Able to teach & lead others to culture changing Revival
  • Igniting this God-movement with their congregations through Sermons, Bible Studies, Small Groups, Counseling…
    • What being Saturated with the Presence of God means
    • Experiencing radical transformation
    • Everyone involved is giving testimony to God about what He has done in them and through them
  • Sharing this overflowing of fullness & power so others are drawn to this move of God throughout the community


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