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What is Heart Transformation?

Heart Transformation is a discipleship/evangelism ministry fostering moves of God in individuals that prepare them to help transform communities.

  • Having a life that overflows with God’s joy, hope, power, love and thanksgiving; becoming distinctively different no matter the circumstance.
  • Becoming a vibrant, authentic and contagious disciple, who lives with and guides others in this process.
  • Freedom from addiction, anger & fear.
  • Fulfillment & satisfaction in life because you understand what is means to be great and inspiring in God’s eyes.
  • A life of hope transformed from despair.
  • Transformed communities with the love of Jesus

Heart Transformation in Ghana

Ghana is a spiritually hungry nation desiring transformation to be full of all the fullness of God.

Culturally, they are experiencing:

  • 70% Divorce
  • Rampant Co-habitation resulting in broken families
  • Out of Control Government Corruption
  • 50-60% Unemployment
  • 1/3+ of the people live in poverty

The people live with too little hope but what characterizes them most is their hunger and thirst to be transformed by the power of God! They believe that as they become Saturated with the Presence of God, their hearts and lives will conform to the image of Jesus and the power of God will partner with them, to have their Communities become Kingdom Communities. As a result of this move of God, they will exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit more than ever before.  It will overflow through them to others in their families, churches and community.

When you live a Saturated life, all things are possible!!
Our Goal is to:
  1. End divorce/co-habitation within the church
  2. Make the church the focal point for gaining great employees & becoming great owners in order that unemployment is minimized
  3. This is accomplished through the Pastor/Leader being personally transformed by the power of God & then sharing this transformation with their congregants through preaching, Bible Studies, small groups…