Lives Transformed
  • Hearts opened to being transformed by the power of God
  • Receiving the fullness of God; loving Him with all one’s heart, longing for His Presence & being Saturated
  • Being Transformed into the image of Jesus
  • Being filled/remaining filled with the Holy Spirit’s power
  • Power filled Pastors
    • Pastors/Leaders moving out of co-habitation
    • Pastors/Leaders becoming drenched in the goodness of God resulting in modeling & leading for the future
  • Saturated & Power Filled Churches
  • Prayer Initiatives rising up everywhere
  • Communities seeing & desiring to be part of this move of God resulting in Community Transformation:
    • Marriages being restored, forgiveness received
    • People forgiving each other and being set free of bitterness
    • People repenting of patterned sins
    • People being healed of bitterness & shame
    • People’s hearts and bodies being healed
    • People discovering a whole new way of power living by daily/moment by moment walking with God
    • Relationships restored
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