Testimonials – Africa

Sierra Leone Testimonies
“I thank God for what He is doing in my life, family and the church as a result of the impact of the Heart Transformation. This process has enabled me to see more clearly what God’s plan is for my life. I introduced the process in my local church and many people are just opening their hearts to it. Many testify of the changes that are happening in their lives. Presently, God is just helping me to counsel families with the use of the HT manual.”
“The process is really a blessing to me. My eyes are beginning to see how deceitful my heart is and how I need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to be able to do what Jesus said I would do”
“I went back to my local church and started HT small groups. They are all doing well. I am just amazed at what God is doing in my life…my character is not the same. I never want to wander away from the path of loving God with all of my heart.”
I can go on and on and on to tell you more amazing things that God has wrought and is still doing in the lives of the participants. In my local church, Heart Transformation has been adopted as the curriculum/process for the spiritual development of all the workers for the whole year.
Kenyan Leader
“I was overwhelmed by some new responsibilities in my ministry. God has revealed that I am a “doer” and I run, run, run. It has become clear that this is the heart of my cultural christianity. He is taking my heart and opening it and I am becoming free.”
Angolan Pastor
Heart Transformation for Kingdom Living revolutionized and changed my life. It was very interesting to find out that even though I meditate in the Word of God everyday of the year, a minister of God’s Word, I still was in need of a transformed heart. I repaired a lot of things with God and with my siblings, I admitted my sins and I felt completely free and I am free. I discovered that inside I still carried some bitterness against certain people, as well as had sins that I had never admitted in my life. I felt guilty as I have been
serving God in the last 18 years and still had things that I needed to be free from! The good thing was admitting everything thing that God revealed to me, so much to HIM as to my brethren in Christ. I feel free to continue to serve the LORD and now I am ready to put in practice John 14:12, which says, “truly, truly I tell you: That that has faith in me, that will also make the works that I do, and he will make them larger than these; because I am going to the Father”.
Rwandan Woman
I had much bitterness from the genocide and was convicted of the paralyzing impact it was having in my life. I wanted to be free of bitterness to love the Lord fully. I had been planning revenge upon those who hurt me, but the Lord showed me the pain within my heart and I confessed it. I am now free of the pain and bitterness. I want to love the Lord with “all my heart”.
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