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HT for Kingdom Living

Heart Transformation Bible Study

Heart Transformation for Kingdom Living is a process that ignites the spiritual life to be more purposeful and adventurous.

This process allows God to transform our hearts – to be all about living for His Kingdom. As a result of living for His Kingdom we please Him; therefore, great fruits will be born in our lives.

Living the Empowered Life

Living the Empowered Life Study

Are you living & exhibiting God’s power in your life?

School of Transforming Community

The School of Transforming Community Series

Would you like to see Revival, a transforming community? Preview the School of Transforming Community (v1) Table of Contents.

SPG Table of Contents

Saturated with the Presence of God Bible Study

Are you saturated with the Presence of God? How would you know?

Concert of Prayer

Concert of Prayer

No movement of God in history has taken place without powerful prayer. Are you engaged?

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