Current Status & What’s Next

Heart Transformation has been in existence since 2003.  We began our research in 1998.  The Lord challenged us that His Church should be prospering: full of love, joy & His power.  After years of researching & writing, we have developed a message about being Transformed and being Saturated with the Presence of God.  A motto we have: Saturation Ensures Transformation…so that we can become complete, mature in Him, full of the Holy Spirit and His power to do His will.

We have implemented these principles in 60 countries, all in varying degrees according to their designs.  We have seen & have stories of radical transformation in Pastors, Business Leaders, fathers, mothers, churches, ministries, businesses, and whole countries.

Right now, we are most excited about our work in Ghana, Africa.  We are establishing Transforming Community Branches which include 15 churches in a specific village so that the pastors can be encouraged to live a Saturated Lifestyle and thereby their church members will become Saturated with the Presence of God.  God is doing mighty miracles in hearts and bodies; transforming the Ghanaian divorce/co-habitation culture to a new Kingdom Culture that honors God.

We began the Ghanaian work in April of 2016, impacting 200 Pastor/Leader’s hearts that they might become Saturated with the Presence of God.  The reception of their transformation was so encouraging for us.  They desired that we return the following year, but we said we would not return unless the message went forward in their lives and churches, which it has.

During the more than a year since we left, the indigenous leaders did 3 Conferences with our materials.  Stories of radical transformation were alive; growth was evident; being Saturated and Transformed was clear.  So, we returned in August of 2017 – they were ready for more!

It was in March, 2017, that we started setting up Branches.  Today, we have 30 Branches.  This represents 450 churches of more than 15,000 people.  The people are hungering and thirsting, desiring this radical Transformation that they might prosper and bring glory to God.  In August, we spoke to more than 600 Pastor/Leaders.

We would expect that by the end of 2018, we would have 80-100 Branches.  They are standing in line to become certified as a Branch, so we expect much growth.  For each person that becomes a member of the HT Network, they each are to have a testimony of how God has transformed their heart and changed their lives. These 80 Branches would represent 1,200 churches, which would be affecting 45,000 individuals seeking this complete relationship with the Lord.  They are hungry and believing God will transform them into the likeness of Jesus.

There is every reason to believe that this movement could spread to 1,000 Branches.  1,000 Branches would represent 15,000 churches and ½ million people, all desiring to experience the fullness of God and through their transformation that they would prosper in all areas of their lives.  The Lord has led us to the point of not just adding from day to day, but multiplication! We will see a movement of new salvations coming out of this—winning a multitude to Jesus.

Our hope is that:

  1. Divorce/co-habitation would end in every one of these churches
  2. The existing 50% unemployment would be transformed, that the church would be the place to be built up into the hiring of great employees. We see that micro-finance could be used for people in these churches.  We are working on a strategy to improve employment for them.
  3. 30-80 Branches should allow 1,000+ would be saved this coming year of 2018

The church is the place to become great in God’s eyes, spiritually and then in all areas of life.

We need your help to move this vision forward.  We will not return to them in 2018 but will supply them with books, workshops, & shepherding that will encourage their growth through the Branch Leaders.  The Chairman and Secretary in every Branch are to become the first masters of God’s material so that their culture & nation can be transformed.  It is important to know that we have a volunteer Shepherd/Pastor from Ghana, who is unusually qualified to do this work.  He invests 80-90% of his time on Heart Transformation.  There are many other volunteers who sacrifice their time for the sake of the Kingdom.

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