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About the Process

Thank you for your interest in Heart Transformation; to learn more visit the areas listed below.

Heart Transformation Summary
Heart Transformation for Kingdom Living is a process that ignites the spiritual life to be more purposeful and adventurous. This process allows God to transform our hearts - to be all about living for His Kingdom. As a result of living for His Kingdom we please Him; therefore, great fruits will be born in our lives.

Sample from the HT Workbook:

  Key Questions to Consider

HT Made Simple – 3 Basic Stages

Pilgrimage – a decision is made by the participant to enter a heart journey to the very heart of God at all cost.
 Discovering heart treasures and entering Jesus’ presence for healing from sin patterns, wounds, and wrong loves.
 Kingdom living and Kingdom building – as a result of the Lord moving within a heart, individual’s learn the steps in living
    the Kingdom lifestyle day by day.

The Importance of the Process vs. the Program
Before we look at the Heart Transformation process, it is important to see the unique differences between a program and process. Heart Transformation is not a program; it is a lifestyle process leading toward the very heart of God

A Program    
  • Looks to solve "a" problem in life and has a singular focus.
  • Is answer oriented.
  • Has a limited scope.
  • Focuses on external attitudes and actions
  • Begins and ends with "a" specific life change
  • Leads with linear thinking
A Process
  • Looks to develop a relationship of intimacy with God
  • Is oriented toward understanding, thinking, and resolution
  • Has continual, nearly unlimited scope.
  • Increases internal passion and purpose leading to external change.
  • Repeats for continual life change.
  • Leads with cyclical thinking.

What is learned
What will the group be learning and studying?

Why is it effective?
What makes Heart Transformation successful and changes my life?

From a group leaders point of view
See what it is all about from the point of view of someone who has not only been through the process but also lead others through the study.

Who has/is already participated in this study?
See a list of groups already participating in Heart Transformation



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